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Riflessione di “Generazione 1000 Euro”

Dopo ho visto il film, “Generazione 1000 Euro,” ho completato un riflessione. Ho incluso l’informazione che ho imparato della cultura Italiana dopo guardare il film. Anche, ho parlato delle morali di questo film e gli aspetti che mi piacciono o non mi piacciono.

One thought on “Riflessione di “Generazione 1000 Euro”

  1. Watching this movie was very helpful for me to learn about Italian culture. The parts of the film that discussed temporary work in Italy were especially interesting. I have spoken with a friend in Italy and she agreed that the film was accurate in how it depicted the job market in Italy. She said that it was very difficult for Italian students out of college to find jobs. I think that during this video, I was able to do a fairly good job of articulating my basic thoughts on the film. Similarly to “la mia infanzia,” I wish I had been able to be more specific and intentional about my words, because some of my phrases are true but very vague. For example, at one point I mention that I liked the music in the film, but ideally I would have explained more fully what about the music I found interesting. Other than that, I thought the main issue was a lack of confidence in pronunciation and sentence structure.

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